Best 22 Rifle Scope Reviews

Best .22 Rifle Scope

Rim fire rifle scopes are the most bought and used scopes these days. They can be used for almost everything from small game hunting to casual picking. Hence before you decide which scope you have to buy, you should know what magnification you need according how far your target is, mentioned below are some performance characteristics and features a best 22 rifle scope should have:

  • Close range (up to 50 yards): if your target is as close as up to 50 yards, then you need a scope of magnification 1x to 4x.
  • Medium range (50 to 100 yards): for targets that are between the ranges of 50 to 100 yards, it is ideal to use a rifle scope which has a magnification of about 4x to 7x.
  • Long-range (100 yards or more): when your target is this far, clarity is the most important thing. Hence for long-range shooting, the magnification should be at least between 7x and 9x or even more if possible.


Mentioned below are some of the most fantastic 22 rifle scopes. These scopes are made by some of the best manufacturers out there and will give you everything from quality to performance.


The Leupold VX Freedom rifle scopes offer a brand new level of quality, toughness and reliability. These rifle scopes are best recommended for muzzleloaders, rim fire and center fire guns.

They even offer a good variety of magnification and many more features. When talking about Leupold, price will not be a problem; these scopes are very affordable and have all the features of a high class scope.

Some basic features of this scope are; it is a good quality scope with multi coated lenses and a 3:1 zoom ratio, magnification range is about 3x-9x, weight is 12.2 ounces and eye relief is 4.17 inches to 3.66 inches.

This scope is so versatile that it lets you switch from observation and target to long range aiming in just one turn. The adjustment ranges for windage and elevation are so vast that they let you compensate for bullet drop and wind. Optics are equipped with a Twilight Light Management System, this system gives you decent visibility even in low light conditions.


  • Totally weather resistant (water proof, shock proof and fog proof)
  • Lenses are scratch resistant


  • Wind age and elevation range is short when compared other products (60 MOA)


Scopes made by Simmons are not only durable and sturdy but also affordable. This 22 scope made by Simmons has all the specifications and features a good hunter or a shooter needs.

These scopes are simple in design and are very easy to control and use. Though Simmons does not offer a great clarity like Nikon or Leupold, but it has its own pros. The control system of this scope is so advanced that the wind age and elevation knobs can be turned very easily even with gloves on.

The objective lens has its own adjustment knob so that you can adjust the objective lens according to your whims and fancies and hence gives you a focused view at every magnification. The objective lens is 32mm in diameter and offers a distinct and clear view at all times, though the target can be a little blurry at maximum magnification that is 9x.

The lenses are fully multi coated with many coatings of HydroShield lens, making it totally weather proof at all times. Eye relief and weight of this scope is 3.75 inches and 10 ounces.


  • Affordable 
  • Absolutely weather resistant (water proof, shock proof and fog proof) 


  • Clarity quality is not that good


Vortex is a company which is continuously coming up with better scopes every time. Vortex scopes have all the features you need in a scope; quality, price and precise optics. This vortex cross fire edition is built with the same specs and has some more as well.

Some basic features and dimensions of this scope are; it has a magnification range of 2x to 7x, the diameter of objective lens is 32mm, the lens are fully multi coated and hence they offer maximum light transmission, the parallax setting is about 50 yards which is very accurate for hunting and plinking operations and the outer body of this scope is made from high grade aircraft aluminum which is fully weather resistant (water proof, shock proof and fog proof).

The reticle type of this scope is Dead Hold BDC reticle which is very good for shooting and hunting at various ranges. It has a long and generous eye relief and an ultra forgiving eye box which helps you to spot and aim your target with maximum accuracy. All over this scope has a great value for your money and an accurate performance.


  • Turrets are finger adjustable and resettable to zero
  • Good for shooting a small target
  • Fast focus eyepiece is equipped with easy reticle focusing
  • Fully weather resistant (water proof, shock proof and fog proof)


  • Flip up scope covers are not included
  • Blurry pictures at high magnifications


This scope’s magnification is slightly higher when compared with other 22 scopes, it is 4x to 12x, but it is a great 22 scope for sure.

It is equipped with an objective lens of diameter 40mm, lenses are fully multicoated for brightness and clarity (it works well at both dusk and dawn). The lens along with the magnification offer a distinct and crisp image of your target. It has an above average performance and is better than most scopes mentioned in this article which is perfect for rimfire caliber.

The decent eye relief of 3.3 inches will protect your eyes from any damage and still give a clear picture of the target.

Manufacturer on this scope offers a very attractive warranty and world class costumer care. Experienced shooters who are looking for something more advanced and above average performing scope, this is their pick for certain. Another striking feature of this scope is its price, it is an above average scope with a lot of exciting features and it does not do much damage to your wallet.


  • Fully weather resistant (water proof, shock proof and fog proof)
  • Windage and elevation adjustments are fingertip
  • Fast focus eyepiece
  • Light weight and compact


  • Rings are not included 
  • Cross hairs are a little thick


Leupold scopes are known for their quality and performance. The magnification range of this rifle scope is 4x, which is ideal for small game hunting. This particular scope has a great field of view of about 25.5 inches at 100 yards along with a quick target acquisition which is very important when you chase a small target.

It has a tube of diameter 1 inch and is fully weather resistant (water proof, shock proof and fog proof).  The elevation and windage adjustments of this scope are not only finger clickable but also they provide dependability over a lifetime of extreme use.

Lenses of this scope are completely scratch resistant. This scope is machined, designed and assembled in the USA. It has Leupold’s Twilight Light Management Systems which means that it gives maximum brightness and clarity by balancing light transmission and glare reduction.

The fine duplex reticle features a thick base which helps you to aim and center your target with maximum efficiency. This scope is highly accurate and precise when set to zero.


  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Extremely accurate
  • Wide field of view


  • Pricey 

How to Choose the Best 22 Rifle Scope?

Some points you should consider before buying a 0.22 rifle scope are:

  • Magnification: magnification totally depends upon the distance. Hence there are mainly three types of ranges; close, medium and long. For close range (up to 50 yards) you need a magnification of 1x to 4x. For medium range (50 to 100 yards) you need a magnification of 4x to 7x. For long range (100 yards or more) you need a magnification range of 7x to 9x or even more if possible.

  • Reticles and cross hairs: a 0.22 rifle scope does not need a complicated reticle, hence go for a much simpler reticle. Having a simple and basic reticle helps in shooting, it makes the shooting easy and less complicated. Some reticles are shaped, that is they often have a circle or a chevron shape which marks the bullet impact. Shaped reticles mainly have speed as their strength but they are not that accurate. The plain crossed lines are best for 0.22 rifle scopes. Modified cross hair is called as Duplex and they are good for easier visibility.

  • Adjustments: there are two types of adjustments, for a 0.22 rifle scope the less complicated adjustments are very popular and affordable. For high precision scopes, there is a turret adjustment system in it, go for it only if you need it, because it is just something extra to deal with.

  • Field of view and focus: focus in this case basically means that how nearby your target can be and still have good clarity. Field of view here means how much distance a person can see up to with one’s scope, it all depends upon the unit used in your scope, it can be miles, kilometers or anything else. More the field of view more will be the area you will be able to cover and hence the better you will see. Field of view is usually measured for 100 yards. This is  the main reason because of which a very high powered scope is a bad pick for you. If you are a hunter you should get a scope with a large field of view and if you are a shooter you should get a scope with a smaller field of view.

  • Durability: most 22 scopes are quite long lasting and tough and some scopes are even far more durable than you actually need for a 22 rifle scope to be. The only time durability is actually considered if you are going to use your scope in a bad weather or a bad surrounding. Poor weather can damage your scope in many ways. Usually 22 scopes have low recoil; hence being shock proof does not matter much. Remember your scope should be weather proof and water proof. This will save your scope from things like dust, scratches and other severe damages. Try to opt for a lens which has some anti scratch coatings, though it is a little expensive.

What You Need to Know to Make the Smart Buy?

Some attributes that a 22 LR scope should have are:

The magnification range should be between 1x to 10x. Remember the magnification should be variable; usually there is a dial or a knob on the side of the scope to change the magnification. You would not need the very large objective lens unless you shoot or hunt in low light conditions, even for that the objective lens should be 40mm in diameter.

Hence an optimum diameter for your objective lens is between 20mm to 50mm, anything smaller than that and you will have trouble in spotting or aiming your target, anything bigger than that will just increase the weight of the scope and make it more difficult to handle. Since the glasses and lenses are the most expensive and delicate part of the scope, it should be coated very well with protective coatings. Lenses should have other coatings like anti reflective and anti glare coatings.

Turrets are another important thing in a scope. Both ballistic and tactical turret systems are designed for quick and easy changes in the field. Both these turrets are easy to handle and control. Next thing about turrets are that they should be finger adjustable. Finger adjustable can be adjusted and controlled very easily and quickly.

Some scopes are even equipped with some accessories and they are very important as well. Things like spacers, risers, mounting clips and mountings rings are all a part of accessories. Mounting rings and mounting clips are a part of mounting equipment. These two things help you to easily mount your scope. Hence they are very important.

Look for the warranty. Since you are going to spend a lot on your scope it should be backed by warranty. The warranty should include everything from the lens to the outer body.

The glasses and the lenses are the most expensive and delicate part of your scope, hence they should be completely backed by warranty.

Since you are going to hunt and shoot in a harsh environment, the outer body of your scope can be damaged. The outer body of your scope is susceptible to scratches and dents, which can make it look less attractive. The warranty should cover the outer body also.


We have told you all about some of the best 22 scopes. Make sure that you have a clear idea of your needs, that is the need to buy a new 22 scope, the price range and the features that you expect from your new scope.

There are many uses of a 22 scope and each use needs a different feature or specification, hence knowing the use is very important, it will help you to shortlist scopes.

Don’t be in a rush to buy a new scope, read this article multiple times for clarity. This article talks about everything from price range to performance, hence you don’t have to go any further than this, this is the ultimate guide. This is written after extensive research and is fully accurate.

Remember to take care of the some things like, warranty, length and weight of you scope, turret adjustment systems, magnification range, reticle type and durability. The average magnification range for 22 scopes is 1x to 10x, reticle type should be Dead Hold BDC, turrets should be either tactical or ballistic since both of them are best recommended for 22 scopes, length and weight should be according to your body type.

The warranty on your scope should cover almost everything from lenses to the outer body. Durability is also a must. You are going to use your new scope in a tough surrounding, hence it should be durable. Though the recoil for 22 scopes is usually less, hence if your scope is not shock proof it would not matter a lot, but it surely should be water proof and fog proof. Keep these pointers in mind before buying a new scope. happy hunting.

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