best air rifle scopes reviews

Best Air Rifle Scope

Riflescope is the must-have kind of accessories of the rifle which every shooter, hunters, and air rifle lover prefer to have. It boosts the hunting experience when you pick the branded and quality rifle scope. And, with all these, you might be looking for the reviews to get your hand on the best air rifle scope.

Best Air Rifle Scope Quick List

Product ImageProduct NameCheck Price
CVLIFE Hunting Rifle Scope 2.5-10x40e
UTG 3-9X32 1″ BugBuster Scope
Hammers 3-9x32AO Air Rifle Scope
BARSKA 3-12×40 AO Airgun Rifle Scope
Leupold VX-3i 6.5-20X40 EFR Target
UTG Accushot 4-16X44
Hawke Airmax 4-16×50 AMX IR
Bushnell Banner 4-12X40
Nikon Prostaff P3 Target EFR
Vortex Optics Strike Eagle
Hawke Sidewinder 6.5-20×42
BARSKA AC11876 4×32
Simmons 8-point
TASCO Varmint 6-24x42mm
Bushnell Engage

Top 16 Best Air Rifle Scope:

we have compiled a list and noted down the best rifle scope just for you. All are the affordable scope that can give high accuracy and speed. So, check the products which we have listed after lots of research so that you can get the best.

1. CVLIFE Hunting Rifle Scope 2.5-10x40e

The СVLІFЕ rifle scope has 2.5-10х magnification power to let you zoom-in towards the target with a 40mm objective lens. The product has terrific specifications that can attract the users at one look. To enhance image quality the makers have used the optics which is multi coated. 

The optics enhance clarity and brightness. The buyers who are looking for the rifle scope that is lighter in weight than, this is the best product to go with.

It is best for the medium shooting range. If you don’t need to shoot more massive shooting range objects, you can go for this. It has the degree that accompanies a 2.5-10X amplification along with this. It accompanies the Kellner eyepiece that gives the exact dioptric center. 

You can see obviously up to 100 yards and take accurate shots at the objective. The extension accompanies both a red and a green MIL-DOT reticle. Both have their own purpose and use. It is ideal for .223 gauge rifles, so those who have this rifle should definitely need to go for this scope. The price of the product is kept very minimal by the makers so that one can buy it without compromising.  The product is useful for Big and Small Game Hunting, Varmint Hunting, Target Shooting, etc. It also has a nice illuminated reticle with waterproof, fog proof, and shockproof technology.


  • It has affordable rates
  • The built-in laser sight is superb
  • It has a nice illuminated reticle
  • It comes with 2 types of mounts
  • It is useful for Big and Small Game Hunting, Varmint Hunting, Target Shooting, etc.


  • The issue of the reticle is noted
  • The construction is not up to the mark


  • It has 2.5- 10 X magnification power.
  • The value of the objective diameter is 40 mm.  
  • It has a mil-dot ID reticle.
  • It has easy functioning and operation. 
  • It is made using waterproof and fog proof. 
  • It is coated with multilayer.

2. UTG 3-9X32 1″ BugBuster Scope

UTG is a company that has a strong customer base due to its quality service and product. It has a long history of delivering various items for rifle scope. The quality is all you want for your next rifle scope. It is based on a real strength platform to protect it from external damage as well as internally. It is completely sealed and filled with Nitrogen. The nitrogen filling protects the device from weather changes such as rain, fog, winter, and shock. It offers a top-quality degree in both red and green brightening. It gives eye relief, which makes the extension for the rifle a fantastic one. It can be useful for the trackers who want to hit the target in different climate conditions and landscapes.

You can also love the features of SSS, aka Smart Spherical Structure and TS, aka True Strength. Both have diverse functioning in controlling the device. One helps develop the rifle scope while another controls the joint-like connection between an extensions’ internal and the external cylinder. It has an emerald coating tube of 1 inch, which gives light transmission at its best. It has an adjustable objective starting from 3 yards that goes up to infinity. You can also get the broad field of view as it is also complete with 2″ Sunshade. The product has another benefit that makes the buyers go gaga over it and that advantage is the cheap price tag.


  • It has sharp optics
  • It works well and has a long life
  • The small design can fit into the pocket.
  • It works best in the dark due to lighted reticles


  • The battery door is not fitted well
  • Lots of minor issues are noted
  • It has limited eye relief
  • It is not good for the pro hunters


  • It has an inch tube with Emerald Coating.
  • It gives maximum Light Transmission
  • It comes with premium zero lockable
  • It has resettable turrets with 1/4 MOA. 
  • Nice shooting performance.
  • Three yards of objective adjustment feature.

3. Hammers 3-9x32AO Air Rifle Scope

Hammers 3-9×40 and Hammers 3-9×32, both are the extraordinary scope of the brand with most of the same qualities.  It has a bigger 40mm focal point to give a superb view.  Quality lies in every part of the scope that helps the client to use it for life.

The scope has a 32mm rendition, the 40mm form. In excess of 100 client’s surveys on Amazon, it is rated more than four stars. The design is classy with a matte finish as well as it has better sturdiness and usability.

Hammers 3-9x32AO Air Rifle Scope accompanies extraordinary highlights that you find in increasingly costly scopes but, this is affordable.  It can be used on both high force air rifles and Caliber Center Fire Rifles.  It also accompanies a one-piece mount that you secure with four screws and accommodates simple establishment, and withstand stuns when utilized or air rifles.

The riflescope has  MilDots that are helpful for long separation shooting and gives you a splendid view when locating the target. It is filled with Nitrogen that gives the scope a better security from water, fog, rain, and shock. Everything about this product is designed, keeping the purpose of the user in mind so that the final product would be exactly the way they want it to be.


  • Quality material used in this scope
  • It is the most reasonable product with great qualities
  • It is soft zero-in and holds recoil
  • It gives better protection with an air rifle
  • Easy to handle elevation and wind age
  • It has a suitable field of view
  • It comes focus ring with an adjustable feature


  • There is no con registered regarding this rifle scope


  • It has shockproof and weatherproof quality.
  • It comes with a one-piece mount.
  • It gives long-range shooting due to mil dots reticle.
  • It comes with a 32 mm parallax adjustable.
  • Adjustment like tight elevation and windage.

4. BARSKA 3-12×40 AO Airgun Rifle Scope

Barska Optics is another popular name dealing with the rifle scope. The scope offers by the company is made using high-quality material, but, the price is very minimal and cheap that can suit everyone’s pocket. It is the decades-old brand that provides products like 3-12x40airgu scope. It has uber quality rifle scope that you can adjust without any headache. It comes with the 1-inch tube that helps the shooter target correctly.

Nitrogen is filled and sealed in the scope to make it worth it for water, fog, and shock situations. The magnification in the range is variable that can give zoom-in facilities from 3-12x. It has a 40mm diameter of the lens to better quality and focus. The product is lined with the Reverse recoil technology. The outer finish is so perfect as the makers used the black matte finish. The black matte finish makes it stylish and designer rifle scope in the market.

The scope is ideal for long-range shooting due to the quality Mil-Dot reticle used in it. To enhance clarity while using it, the makers have covered the lends with multilayers. As well as, it comes with the cap to cover the lens after use so that it can be protected. You can get a lifetime warranty by the Barska on this product.


  • The product is extremely durable
  • It gives a brighter view due to the Mil-dot reticle
  • It has 12x clear optics
  • The magnification power is strong
  • It is best for shockproof and waterproof


  • There is no sunshades option
  • Issue of stiffness in objective and zoom is registered


  • It has great value with durability.
  • It comes with 3x-12x magnification power.
  • It gives a smooth adjustment option.
  • The optics quality is superior.
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum alloy material used in the device.

5. SWFA SS 10X42

SWFA, also known as the South West Fire Arms, has been in the business of shooting accessories since years. The company is responsible for making every kind of product related to the shooting, and the scope is their primary business. Talking about its 10×42 rifle scope, you won’t be able to change the magnification to see the object because it is the fixed rifle scope.

Apart from that, it has a useful stable magnification of 10×42 that does the needful for you. Shooters always look for the scope that would be lightweight, and it comes with just 18.7 ounces while 14.05 inches of length and 30 mm of diameter. SWAF produced the extent with multi-style reticle features that can give the most fantastic adjustment. The total FOV of this device is calculated as 11.8 feet at the 100 yards.  The product is offering better eye relief as compared to other products available in the similar range. It has 3.9 inches of eye relief.

The pro advantage that an individual will take from buying this product is that all top features of the expensive scope are available at this affordable rate.  It comes with the cheap price tag so you won’t have to worry about money.

The riflescope is good to work in any climate as it is waterproof, fog-proof as well as shockproof due to the nitrogen-filled inside the lenses.


  • The price of the scope is less high.
  • It gives superb durability.
  • It is made using water, fog, and shockproof technology.
  • It comes with SWFA’s satisfaction guarantee.
  • It has a multicoated lens and a wide objective lens.


  • It is heavier than more substantial runners.
  • It gives difficulty to hear the clicks of the adjustments.


  • It has 4.05 inches in length.
  • The diameter is 30 millimeters.
  • It comes with 18.7 ounces of weight.
  • 11.8 feet at 100 yards scope field view.
  • Fixed 10x magnification.

6. Leupold VX-3i 6.5-20X40 EFR Target

6.5 20×40 is the premium product of the Leupold VX-3. It is the best product in the series that you can purchase. It has made the entire reputation of the brand by their constant practice. It comes with the latest technological advancement with specific features that a rifle scope should have.

The product is designed in the USA with ten years of warranty. You would love to buy this product as it comes with a minimal price tag. This is the best product for long-range shooting. It is the most durable product that can last up to your life. Overall features are correctly bound together to make it shine. 30 m tube is used in the scope so that the picture quality can be bright and clear.  It is also sealed with Nitrogen to perform ultimate in the condition of rain and fog. The overall MOA of this scope is ¼ with windage and elevation adjustment. The per-click adjustment power is 7mm to 100mm.

It is also incorporated with a 90m parallax setting and a 40 m parallax adjustment range. It is not a massive scope that can give difficulty in holding it or mounting over the rifle.

You can get the best eye relief at 40.6 mm along with the 50. 4mm objective diameter. The size of the diameter is more significant as compared to any other scope.


  • It is best long time range
  • It is both affordable and durable
  • Perfectly bind features


  • It has a very handy mate


  • 30mm tube used in this rifle.
  • It has waterproof and fog proof technology.
  • It is a long-range scope.
  • 1/4 MOA windage and elevation adjustment.

7. UTG Accushot 4-16X44

The black matter finished scope of UTG has the fan following like a star. It is the dream scope for a shooter with high quality and features. It comes with two kinds of the reticle, such as red and green. The company has raised the standard bar by offering 36 color reticles, which gives the ultimate result in a shooting.  The magnification power of this scope is just 4-16x attached with the 44 mm objective lens. This lens can be adjusted quickly.

¼ MOA click value with 30 mm tube size; it has mil-dot reticle as well. Talking about its eye relief range so, it comes with the 3.2 to 3.0” eye relief.  The product is frivolous, with 28.5 ounces only. You can get a great product to the technology of True Strength to accompany the product. It has an exit pupil range of 10.2 mm to 2.8mm.The scope comes with the water proof, fog proof, and shock proof benefits due to the high quality nitrogen is filled inside it. The company has given the major consideration to protection only so, also offering a cap.

 It has better technology as it incorporated with zero-reset and zero lock target turrets. You will also get an integral sunshade. With so many eye-catching features, the price is still under the budget of the customers.


  • It is true Strength scope.
  • Safety due to nitrogen fills.
  • It has zero lock target turrets.
  • It gives an integral sunshade.
  • It comes with a black matte finish.


  • There are no cons of UTG recorded yet.


  • 3.2″ to 3.0″ eye relief
  • 30mm tube along with Emerald Lens Coatings.
  • It comes with nitrogen sealing.
  • 4X to 16X Power
  • It gives better parallax adjustment.
  • 24.4′ to 6.8′ field of view @ 100 yds

8. Hawke Airmax 4-16×50 AMX IR

This Hawke scope has a scratched glass reticle, which is better than a wire reticle since it’s considerably more exact. 4-16x 50 SF degrees is planned in view of genuine airgun shooters. The side center parallax alteration can center down to 10 yards with lockable turrets for simple changes without the need to expel the turret top.

Hawke has additionally built the Airmax arrangement degrees to withstand the twofold force of powerful spring cylinder air rifles. The large objective turrets are bigger than the standard to add to the visual intrigue of the degree. It has intrigued with the AMX IR airgun mil-spec reticle as well and being glass-carved, it glides in the focal point of the picture for unhindered clearness. It has full mil spots and half mil dividing, alongside fragmented external empty posts, giving a wealth of point focuses that permit you to check the separation of specific targets.  The clearness is made conceivable due to the stunning multi-covered, top-notch focal points – 16 layers, no less, giving great light transmission. Apart from that, it offers 100mm sidewheel.  It’s extremely simple to connect as well, by utilizing the unique apparatus given inside the case. The fit is tight with just a single stage of the wheel opening into place, and with ’10 yards to endlessness’ alteration readily available.


  • Mindblowing 16 layer fully multi-coated optics.
  • It has rubber-coated Posi-Grip power 
  • It offers fast focus eyeball.
  • It has a high magnification.
  • Stylish look due to black matte finish.


  • Most users feel the price is high
  • Reticle turns black if you don’t use illumination.


  • It has a 4-16x magnification.
  • It comes with an objective lens of 50 mm.
  • The total field of view is 23 ft to 6.5 ft.
  • It has 4″ eye relief. 
  • The battery is included in this.

9. Bushnell Banner 4-12X40

The riflescope by Bushnell’s is the most-liked and mainstream rifle scope. Banner 4-12×40 AO is for all intents and purposes a little gauge rifle up to 50 meters. It likewise empowers the parallax redress on the target, which improves the shooting exactness. The focal point surfaces are multi covered to guarantee use in poor lighting conditions. It is fundamentally strong to persevere through brutal treatment and can be utilized regularly, even at low temperatures. The inward structure is loaded up with dry nitrogen to guarantee haze verification quality, and the reticle is put on the second central plane.

Bushnell offers Dusk and Dawn brightness features due to the incorporation of various focal point coatings, It has a quick centering eyepiece, a simple grasp zoom ring, and 1/4 MOA fingertip resettable windage and height alterations.

The 4-12×40’s AO permits the shooter to address for parallax at any range between 10 yards and vastness. This settles on a potential decision for short-range applications requiring high amplification, for example, air rifle rivalry. It is a precious decision for a varmint rifle.  It can easily be mounted on a Marlin 917VS varmint rifle in gauge. The high rings gave sufficient leeway between the extension’s customizable front goal and the rifle’s bull barrel. It has an adequate field of view for little chasing of the target at genuinely short proximity. Apart from that, you can get satisfactory amplification for shooting small rodents at 200 yards.


  • It has a procession of high quality.
  • Edge to edge clarity is excellent.
  • It gives a bright and sharp image.
  • It has higher magnification and optics.


  • Lacks with mid-dot reticle.


  • It comes with deer and turkey shotguns.
  • It has an adjustable objective.
  • It gives long-range shooting
  • The parallax focus is100 yard-Infinity
  • 4 to 12x magnification power
  • 40mm Objective lens.

10. Nikon Prostaff P3 Target EFR

Nikon PROSTAFF Target EFR 3-9×40 is structured and designed for the advanced shooter and hunters. With the blend of all high features, it is an ideal rifle scope available in the market.  It has a customizable target focal point that permits centering from 10 yards to vastness.

Prostaff P3 Target EFR by Nikon has not the only extension by the company as various new extensions are committed to offering wonder. It comes with the multiple layers coated lens that works against intelligent mixes on each glass surface to give brilliant and clear sight pictures. Apart from this, these features can also offer ideal light transmission and greatest splendor from daybreak to sunset.

Accuracy by Nikon Pro is the best thing that customers would like to have. The reticle makes an exact point of convergence without clouding little targets. It offers positive 1/4 MOA click-stop moves you can both feel and hear. Spring-stacked windage and rise handles can be reset to zero easily.  The company has launched this product at minimal rates so that none of the users can feel that it is the costliest product in the market. Nikon is also giving a lifetime warranty on its manufacturing. The product is good to offer better eye relief comparing other products in a similar range. The Pro rifle scope has the pro-technology that saves the scope from seasonal change or sudden weather changes as it is Fogproof, Shockproof, and waterproof.


  • Lifetime warranty of the manufacturer.
  • It has a precision Target reticle.
  • It offers quick focus eyepiece.
  • It gives eye relief.
  • It has an instant, zero-reset option.


  • A cheap glance of plastic caps over crosshair.
  • Short eye relief
  • An extreme objective outside diameter


  • 10 Yard Minimum Focus
  • It has an incredible adjustment to the lense.
  • Lens is multicoated for better clarity.
  • Water-Fog-Shock proof technology.

11. Vortex Optics Strike Eagle

Vortex Optics offers speed and adaptability at no cost. It gives high-caliber in the shooting because it has multi-covered focal points to convey the best photo even in the low-light execution. It has a 6x zoom run provides brisk objective procurement, as well as it is known for its 5.56mm cartridges. Talking about its technical specification, it has a degree estimation of 10.5 inches long, weighs 17.6 ounces, and the cylinder estimates 30mm in breadth. Interestingly, it has a total field of view of 116.5-19.2 feet/100 yards. All the top features are first shortlisted and then implemented in the single product to make it best among all.

Riflescope by Vortex has a hard-anodized finish, which is hard to see in any other scope of the same category. Not every company uses an anodized finish on the scope. Apart from that, it comes with capped reset turrets so that you do not need to adjust it every time.

Those who are peeping for the better eye relief, it offers fast but complete eye relief. No matter what the time and location of your hunting or shooting, you can take this because it has advancement with a fully multi-coated lens and rugged body made up of aircraft-grade aluminum.  The scope has a glass-etched reticle and illuminated. The advancement method is used to protect the device from water, fog, and shock.


  • It gives hard-anodized finish
  • It comes capped reset turrets
  • It provides fast-focus eyepiece
  • Excellent light transmission


  • Scope gives a fisheye effect.
  • It has painful eye relief.
  • The reticle becomes challenging to use.


  • Fully multi-coated lens with focal plane reticle.
  • It is made up of aircraft-grade aluminum. 
  • It has illuminated, glass-etched reticle
  • Waterproof, fog proof and shockproof technology.

12. Hawke Sidewinder 6.5-20×42

Riflescope is intended for outrageous shooting, and there could be nothing better than Hawke Sidewinder. It has a stunning 18 layer along with completely multi-covered glass. The Sidewinder includes a side centering framework intended to Parallax from 10 yards to Infinity.

If you are searching for sharp and fresh pictures using scope then, why not use this rifle scope as it has gained a name for creating useful degrees. It is coming with the SR Pro enlightened reticle feature. It can be helpful for any air rifle or gun. The focal point offers the ideal execution, as well as a 30mm degree, provides high goals seeing and a brilliant, sharp picture in all lighting conditions, whether it’s day or night.

Furthermore, turrets are aligned to 1/4 MOA for each snap. The reticle brightening brilliance modification is another advantage of why you should say yes to this. This permits 5 Red and 5 Green settings.  Each set has a different purpose and uses as well as the settings have been painstakingly considered to create low enough enlightenment. The completely multi-covered focal points are waterproof, shockproof, and fog proof because it has nitrogen-filled inside the layer.

Additionally, this extension comes furnished with a two side wheel to upgrade run finding and sunshade for brilliant conditions. Those who want to buy this scope can do it without any doubt as it gives better durability at cost-effectiveness, so what could be better than this.. It is entirely power-packed with features.


  • It has high-quality metal lens covers
  • Optics coated with 18 layers.
  • It comes with nitrogen filled with saving from the weather.
  • Affordable and durable.


  • There is no con of Hawke is noted.


  • It has 6.5-20X42 1/2 Mil-Dot 20X Model Reticle.
  • 3.5/89 eye relief. 
  • It has 6.5-20x magnification
  • It gives 42mm objective lens
  • It provides superior strength of 30mm mono-tube

13. BARSKA AC11876 4×32

For exact focusing power, you can get your hand on Barska’s 4×30 scope. Designed, especially for shooting and hunting, it has a Mil-Dot reticle. You can get two variants in the reticle as red and green color options are available on demand. Apart from that, it has better windage and height turrets that offer a steady speed. The rifle scope comes with the climate safe lodging features so that you don’t hesitate. It has wholly covered optics to make an extension that is perfect for short proximity commitment. It has a feasible alternative for crossbow mounting that adds stars in its feature.

It brightens the object, even in the dark. You can take it at night also. The battery used in the scope can go long without getting a break after a month. Red enlightenment will give better complexity in sunlight conditions; on the other hand, green reticle brightening is progressively reasonable for low light. It is also incorporated with shade, prevents focal point flare and lessens glare, and double flip-up tops. The sunshade utilizes an objective lens to enhance the glare. You do not even need to remove the turret caps while adjusting the elevation and windage turrets, as it has the most natural way to do it.  The product has one of the most attractive things that every user wants, and that is its price tag. The price is kept as per the affordability.


  • It is a highly durable scope.
  • It has a fully-illuminated reticle.
  • It gives integrated sunshade
  • Powerful magnification power.


  • It has too bright brightness settings.
  • It has a narrow field of view.
  • Very thick reticle 


  • It has fixed 4x magnification.
  • 32mm objective lens.
  • 1 in a tube of diameter.
  • 3.3 inch of eye relief.
  • It has 1/4 MOA click value.

14. Simmons 8-point

Simmons 8-point is the most sort after product by the company that has a huge fan following due to its features and quality. It is made using the high-quality raw material chosen from the specific range. The expert first tests everything about this scope then it gets available for the customers.

The riflescope has fog proof, waterproof as well as shockproof technology to make it protected from outside trouble. The company offers a full warranty on its manufacturing and also keeps the price tag minimal. The design of the Simmon scope is sleek and nice as it has a black matte finish on the outer structure as well. It offers extreme range due to having a uber Truplex Reticle. The optics are coated with multilayers to allow you to see the object in the low light. It automatically enhances the brightness of the target object so that the shooter can hit in the right direction.

Most of the users are impressed by its windage and elevation adjustment and they do not require external effort. The scope also has two kinds of flip-up cap that let the users make their scope safe from dust along with moisture effect. An open or close option is very friendly as it only needs a thumb to do that.


  • It comes waterproof, shockproof and fog proof
  • You can get a full manufacturer’s warranty.
  • A very affordable scope
  • It has a sleek design,
  • It offers a wide range of views.


  • Lesser eye relief 4.”
  • Lack of lens in mounting rings.
  • Only useful for short-range.


  • Ultra and uber Truplex Reticle
  • It comes with fully coated optics.
  • Better Windage and Elevation Adjustments
  • The design is strong and stylish

15. TASCO Varmint 6-24x42mm

Tasco rifle scope is the accessory that can suit every air rifle. The product has so much more to its users, such as the 42mm objective lens. The company knows that if more full the glass, the more clear view it can give. Similarly, it offers a bright, sharp, and clear picture of the target even in the dim lights as the product comes with the multi-coating of the super con as well as multi-layered material that again enhances the clarity. If we talk about the minute of the angle of this scope then, it has 1-4 inches of windage with elevation. Both can be adjusted easily without much pressure.

The weight of the scope should be light so that it can let you shoot right so, and the company is releasing the range at just 19 oz of weight. Whenever you use this scope, you will hit the target at accuracy.

The product comes with a cheap and reasonable price tag with the service system as well. The magnification of this scope is better than other devices, as it has 6x24x42mm. You can get FOV of 13” at 6x while 3.7” at 24x. It has 100 yards that offers better accuracy. You can enjoy the features of this scope without any error as well as it comes with lifetime warranty. The only negative point that users will not like about the product is the lack of sunshade in it. Apart from that, the scope incorporated with features that can save it from fog, shock, and water.


  • It has exceptional tuning accuracy.
  • Superb but limited Lifetime Warranty.
  • It gives easy to mount.
  • Perfect for use with rifles. 
  • It has large and adjustable objective.


  • It gives blur clarity.
  • No scope rings.
  • For 42 mm, sunshade is not available.


  • It has 3” eye relief
  • It comes with 1” tube diameter
  • The knobs are large for easy adjustment.
  • It has an adjustable parallax.

16. Bushnell Engage

Bushnell is not the new name in the rifle scope as it has so many beautiful products with the best features. In this scope, you will get 2 tubes; one would be 30mm, and others would be 1 inch. This device has nine types of different configurations that give you a fantastic option. The easy reset option from zero to 100 yards makes it ultra useable for users. This scope has a newly designed Deploy MOA reticle of Bushnell’s itself.  This MOA has wind age and elevation. Every feature of this is bound together after the advice of the expert so that it can be proven as a useful piece for shooter and hunter. The scope of this company has optics with the best clarity as well as it comes with the easy to dial range. The range of products is exceptionally reasonable with Bushnell ironclad Warranty. The company itself backs the warranty. It comes with the nitrogen filling so that the product can be secured when getting outside in fog and water. Apart from that, it has anti-reflective coatings that are used for each surface. It also offers a clear view and brightness to see the target effectively. The device is free from using any external tool for lock-in as compare to other products where lock-in required. The product is also safe when it comes in contact with material like oil and dust.


  • It has a lower price.
  • It comes with precision shooting.
  • It has a fine reticle.
  • No external tool needed.
  • Acceptable light transmission


  • The single reticle option.
  • It has no Mil turrets option
  • It gives poor eye relief and light transmission


  • You can get a 60/60 MOA elevation.
  • It gives 4.0 eye reliefs.
  • 14.3 inches length with 12.0 oz weight.
  • The reticle is deployed MOA.

What You Need to Know to Make the Smart Buy?

There are various factors that one should know before buying the best rifle scope. So, have a look at some points.

Types of rifle scopes:

It is generally divided into two parts, such as fixed and variable. Both types are classified as per the magnification used in it.

  • Fixed: In this kind of scope, the magnification can not move; that means it is fixed. It is actually made using the lower amplification power. It is ideally used for close targets.
  • Variable: Another type is variable that is movable. It has the power of magnification alter. It lets you choose the range between two points of magnification. This can be used for both close and far purposes.

Basic components:

The riflescope is attached to various parts. Each component has a different purpose and use, and all are significant for the scope.

  • Ocular lens
  • Objective lens 
  • Eyepiece 
  • Focus Adjustment
  • Magnification Adjustment 
  • Illumination Control
  • Parallax Adjustment 
  • Windage
  • Elevation Adjustment

How to Choose the Best Air Rifle Scope?

We know that buying rifle and rifle scope are not a child’s play as it requires lots of research. So, we have prepared a buying guide for you so that you can choose the best product without making any mistake.

  • Fixed vs. Variable Scopes: It is essential to check the scope is fixed or variable, but, first, you need to work on your requirement so that you can get the right one. We have already explained the difference in both the scope above so you can check and decide your needs.
  • Magnification: It is one of the most necessary factors to check as, without magnification, the scope would not be sufficient. There are different options available such as; 2-4x means it has 20 – 50-yard targets, 6-8x has 50 – 80-yard objectives, and 8-12x that indicates the target between 80 – 150+ yard.
  • Objective Lenses: The lens used in the front is known as the objective lens, so it has the primary function to boost the effect and quality of the scope in different ways. The working process merely depends on objective lenses, such as how much light needs to travel through the scope, etc.
  • Mounting Hardware: Varieties of option available in the hardware, so what to choose is actually essential. So, make sure to choose the authentic one.

Best Air Rifle Scope Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What magnification would be good for pneumatics?

Each Scope comes with a particular magnification number. You can get the specific index with the number of magnifications. There are different numbers in the index where each number denotes a specific thing called magnification. As a reference 2 * 32, which means it indicates two times of amplification while 32 mm denotes the diameter of the Scope. In some cases, you can see the number written as 2-4, which means the magnification can be shifted from two to four. Similarly, the diameters can also be changed from device to device.

  • What would be the ideal choice of lens I should choose?

The heart of the riflescope is called the lens diameter. The larger the diameter, the more good capture quality you will get. When you take Scope in the rainy season or fog, a larger lens would be best for you so that it can capture more light even in the dim light or night. But, everything has two sides, so this large lens as well. It comes with the risk of getting damaged and putting on extra weight as well. The ideal size in the lens would be 22 to 32 mm. Apart from that, the lens also comes costly, so the larger the lens, the more will be the rate.

  • What reticle should we choose?

The reticle has only two variants available which you can consider for your rifle scope such as:

  • The duplex reticle: It is chosen for the close-range targets and gives super high accuracy in shooting the target.
  • Mil-Dot: It is made up of using an optical grid while known as the advanced version of the duplex. 

Both have their own traits so, what would be best is hard to define. The best one can only depend on your requirements.

Final Verdict

To be concluded, we say that the above-mentioned rifle scopes are good to consider. These all are shortlisted because of its high demand. Still, your requirement will title the one as the best. So, decide the purpose and range factor at the time of rifle scope buying so that you can get your hand into the best product only. To take more clarity, you can check the Amazon rating and review of each product.

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