The scopes mentioned in this article are few of the best rifle scopes under $100. Technically $100 is slightly less for a new rifle scope, but if you are somebody who is new to hunting or shooting or somebody who has an extremely tight budget or somebody who does not mind buying a new rifle scope every two months then this article is for you. But remember that you can get some amazing deals and features for $100.

They have all the features from amazing night vision performance to high durability. Some scopes mentioned below even have different types of reticles, you can choose from these according to your target and your environment. Some of them even have different levels of illuminations and brightness, hence during night time or during low light conditions, you can choose from these settings.

For a $100 you can get a scope which is fully weather resistant and even has some accessories included with it like, sunshade, lens caps and mounting equipment etc. Basically $100 is not a small amount for a rifle scope; hence do not have low expectations from your scope.

A good magnification range, illuminated reticles, accessories, durability, weather resistance, easy to learn and master turret adjustments and above all a good warranty these are some things which you should expect from your scope.

Warranty is very important. Since you are investing money on a scope, you need something to back you up. A good warranty is something which will cover everything from the outer body to the lens and other internal parts. Internal parts like the objective lens and the glasses are very delicate and expensive. While hunting or shooting in a rough environment they are bound to get scratches and cuts, hence it is very important that you read your warranty terms very carefully.

So let’s jump right in and know all about rifle scopes under $100.

Best Rifle Scope Under $100 In 2020

Some of the best rifle scopes under $100 are mentioned below. These scopes have everything from quality to performance. Since every scope has a different use and specification, read the review of each scope carefully to choose the one which is best for you.


Bushnell is one of the most popular brands for optics. It is the best for rifle scopes because rifle scopes made by Bushnell are not comprised in anything, be it quality or performance. This particular rifle scope by Bushnell is used for target practice and hunting.

This product is also called as red dot sight rifle scopes because the reticle in this scope is red in color. When you switch on the reticle, a red dot will be seen at the middle of the lens. One of the most striking features of this scope is that, it has 11 brightness settings. So you can adjust the brightness settings according to your comfort and surroundings, hence because of this feature, this scope is great for low light hunting and shooting activities.

The internal parts of this scope are completely sealed; hence it remains dry at all the times. The o-rings are sealed. It has been tested under water and hence is fully moisture and rain resistant. The tube is nitrogen purged which makes it completely fog and humidity proof. This scope can be used in a rough environment, since it is very durable and tough.


  • Light weight and compact
  • Fully weather resistant
  • Compatible with any modern rifle or handgun 
  • Affordable 


  • Finding the best optic settings can be a little difficult
  • Adjustments are hard to use

2. Bushnell Banner Rifle Scope 4-12x 40mm

Bushnell is such a company whose rifle scopes rarely have any faults or problems in them. Low price range scopes are also perfect in performance and quality. This particular Bushnell scope offers maximum clarity and a great viewing experience.

This is your scope if you are looking for something which works well in all conditions, especially in low light conditions because of its wide magnification range of 4x to 12x and a large objective lens of diameter of 40mm; also this rifle scope has a great back up for your center fire. All the optics in this scope is multi coated with Bushnell’s Dusk and Dawn Brightness multi coating process, which offers maximum clarity and a clear image of your target in any amount of light.

This scope is completely weather resistant (water proof, fog proof and shock proof) and has an eye relief of 3.3 inches. The tube is purged with argon which makes the rifle scope fully fog proof.


  • Easy to zero and holds zero after continued use
  • Clear glass and high quality
  • Great for shooting and hunting at long ranges


  • Has eye relief and focus issues when using 18 x magnifications
  • Tube rings are not included

3. UTG BugBuster 3-9×32 Riflescope

Some basic features and characteristics of this scope are; the diameter of the tube is 1 inch with emerald coating for maximum light transmission, turrets are lockable and resettable to zero. There are two types of illuminations in this scope red and green but batteries are required for both types of illuminations.

It is equipped with accessories like sunshade, high quality flip open lens caps and quick detachable rings, it is equipped with 2 lithium batteries and it is fully weather resistant (water proof, fog proof and shockproof). It has a wide magnification range of about 3x – 9x. The objective lens of this scope has a diameter of about 32mm, elevation and windage adjustments are ¼ MOA.

The glass is extremely clear and this scope is highly recommended for mid range and varmint hunting. Reticle is illuminated hence it is also great for low light hunting and shooting adventures.


  • Holds zero after continued use
  • Crisp and clear glass
  • Reticle is illuminated and has two colors, red and green


  • Sometimes reticle comes tilted
  • Limited eye relief

4. CVLIFE Optics Hunting Rifle Scope 6-24×50

This scope manufactured by CVlife is very well made and has amazing optics. It provides the user a bright and clear field of view, hence best use for this scope is hunting. The magnification range of this scope is pretty impressive; it is about 6x to 24x, along with so many other features which help you focus and zoom better when your target is at a great distance. The five different brightness controls are admired by so many users. Hence you can adjust the brightness settings according to yourself and your target. It also has an adjustable objective which has 11 settings. This is the best feature of this scope since you can adjust the color according to your background. Have no doubt when you think about clarity and accuracy; the vast magnification range and the high quality optics of this scope have got you covered. The diameter of objective lens is about 50mm and the field of view is about 28 ft at 100 yards.


  • It is equipped with many accessories like lens caps, sun shade, mount pair and a carrying case
  • Fast focus adjustable eye piece
  • Fully weather resistant (water proof, shock proof and fog proof)


  • There many some distortions while zooming


This scope by UTG is no ordinary scope, it has some striking features. It gives you a wide range of brightness settings because it has RGB swat illumination, hence this really improves your field of view and lets you see better. The reticle of this scope is of the type 9 dot Tactical Range Estimating mil dot reticle, therefore in total the scope has 21 dots when we consider the inner edges and the center. The Bug Buster has true strength since it has UTG’s smart special structure, hence it is very durable. It is also equipped with 2’’ sunshade to prevent the glare by the sun during a sunny day. Elevation and wind age turret system adjustments are pretty easy to master also; it is an air rated gun. The diameter of the tube is 1 inch and it has an emerald coating for maximum light transmission and is filled with nitrogen for fog proof performance.


  • It is equipped with many accessories like sunshade, quick detachable rings and flip open lens caps
  • Fully weather resistant (water proof, fog proof and shock proof)
  • Clear and sharp optics


  • Does not withstand reverse recoil and heavy forward
  • Limited eye relief


If you thought you would have to compromise on a lot of features if you are buying a scope under $100, then you are wrong. This scope by Barska has all the fancy features, like a vast magnification range (3x to 12x), a generous eye relief to avoid that black eye you might get during recoil and high customer satisfaction rate.

It comes with an option of an illuminated reticle, this helps you to see better in low light conditions. The illuminated reticle has 10 different brightness settings. The optics are fully multi coated, which makes it an excellent scope for low light hunting and shooting activities.

Basically this is an all purpose scope but the best uses of this particular scope are varmint hunting, plinking, target shooting and big game hunting. This scope is the best choice if you are looking for something affordable which also has a good performance. The customer satisfaction rate of this scope is also very high.


  • Reticle is illuminated
  • Large objective lens
  • Affordable
  • Fully weather resistant (water proof, shock proof and fog proof)


  • Mounting rings are not included
  • Not for tactical use


As the name of this scope suggests, it can be used in any light condition from dusk till dawn. Outer body of this scope is completely waterproof, so nothing can stop you, not even the damp weather. Bushnell promises you an excellent quality scope even for $100.

It is equipped with a decent magnification range of 3x to 9x and an objective lens of diameter 40mm. The outer body has an attractive black matte finish. Bushnell made this particular rifle scope to withstand heavy recoil, since heavy recoil can damage your eyes, this scope has a generous eye relief of 3.3 inches.

The adjustable objective feature in this scope lets you correct parallax errors. It has four different types of reticles, which can be used for different situations. The optics in this scope are coated with Bushnell’s Dusk and Dawn Brightness coating which gives you amazing focus, excellent brightness, good clarity and sharpness during those low light moments.


  • Multi coated lenses
  • Fully weather resistant (water proof, shock proof and fog proof)
  • Multiple reticles are available


  • Mounting rings are not included
  • Reticle is not illuminated


This scope by Simmons is a very practical and solid scope made for all types of tactical shooters. Hunting, target shooting and plinking are some uses of this scope.

It is very affordable along with some amazing features like magnification range of 3x to 9x and an objective lens of diameter 40mm. It has a generous eye relief of about 3.75 inches to protect your eyes during recoil time.

It has some premium features like an unbeatable glass and image quality which gives you a crisp, bright and clear image of your target. The reticle type is truplex, which basically means that there is a cross which reaches all the directions, right, left, up and down. Towards the center, the cross hair is thinner allowing you to see and aim better.

This scope also has a fast focus eyepiece system which Simmons calls QTA (quick target acquisition) and it is also known as the European style system.


  • True zero mechanism
  • Light weight and compact
  • Fully weather resistant (water proof, shock proof and fog proof)


  • Mounting rings are not included
  • Reticle is not illuminated
  • Misaligned reticles

9. CVLIFE 2.5-10X40E

This CVLIFE scope is a unique one because of some of its features. Image quality is not at all compromised in this scope because of its huge magnification range of 2.5x to 10x and a huge objective lens.

To further enhance the image quality, it has fully multi coated optics and a Kellner eyepiece for dioptric adjustments. This scope is ideal for both long and short range hunting and shooting adventures since the windage and elevation knobs have a lot of adjustments.

It is equipped with a laser which needs two batteries to work; also there are elevation and windage adjustments for the laser. The turret in this scope has five markings, indicating 100 yards, which means that it has markings for 500 yards. This scope is recommended for low light conditions since it has an illuminated reticle and an objective lens of diameter 40mm.


  • Reticle is illuminated and mil dot
  • Built in laser sight
  • Affordable
  • Includes two types of mounts


  • Reticle issues
  • Heavy 
  • Loose construction

10. SIMMONS 3-9X32 .22 MAG(R)

It is constructed with a single piece of material which ensures strength and durability. This scope works flawlessly when used for plinking and varmint hunting. Accuracy of upto a 100 yards and an eye relief of 3.75 inches will give you the perfect hunting or shooting experience.

The Quick Acquisition Target System will spot your target in no time. The SureGrip features ensures your comfort and you can even use this scope with gloves on. This scope is fully weather resistant (water proof, shockproof and fog proof), the external lens is coated with Hydro Shield lens to help you hunt in any and every weather condition.

The turrets in this scope are finger adjustable since they have sure grip turrets; hence no coin or other special tools are needed to adjust the turrets. The rifle scope is not air gun rated but it can withstand limit recoil and can hold zero.


  • Mounting rings are included
  • One piece body
  • Hydro Shield coating 
  • Affordable 


  • Reticle is not illuminated
  • Reticle issues
  • Adjustment issues

What to Expect From the Rifle Scope $100?

If you are considering buying a cheap scope, you will be very surprised to know that you have a lot options which offer a lot of great deals and features. Here are some points you should consider:

  • Durability: since you are going to hunt or shoot in rough conditions, your scope must be totally shock proof. Not being shock proof, can damage a lot of internal parts of your scope and usually replacing those internal parts is a very costly experience.

    Also your scope must be able to withstand any recoil especially the double recoil caused by the air rifles.

  • Quality of the glass and objective lens: this is a very important feature, since because of the glass you are able to see and stalk your target. Your glass should be of high quality and should have many coatings. These coatings should be anti reflective (so that they can block the sun’s glare) and should be totally scratch resistant.

    The bigger the objective lens of your scope more light will enter and hence you will be able to see well. An objective lens of diameter 40mm to 50mm should be good. The huge objective lens will only increase the weight of your scope and hence it will be difficult for you to handle the scope. 

How to Choose the Best Rifle Scope Under $100?

Just because you are investing less money in a rifle scope does not mean that you throw caution away, you should look for features and characteristics that you need and expect in a rifle scope. Below are some you should consider before choosing your scope:

  • Field of view: field of view is basically the area which is visible through optic. The larger the field of view, the more ground you would be able to cover and hence the better you will be able to see. But remember, for higher magnification scopes usually the field of view is less.

  • Eye relief and exit pupil: eye relief of your scope should be at least 3 inches or more, same is the case with exit pupil it should be 3mm or more.

    Smaller eye relief and exit pupil can give you a black eye or can damage your eyes in any other way. During recoil time, it is very essential to have a reasonable eye relief and exit pupil to save your eyes from heavy damage.

  • Accessories: most scopes are equipped with many accessories like sun shade (to prevent the sun’s glare from blocking your view), lens caps, mounting equipment, quick detachable rings, carrying cases etc. hence always look out for accessories, since they are free and sometimes very useful.


If you are new to hunting and shooting then the above scopes are for you. These scopes are relatively cheaper and easy to handle and control. Remember never think that you are investing less so you should expect less.

There are a lot of scopes out there that offer great features and are under $100. This article talks about some of the best scopes under $100. Above mentioned scopes have all the features from low light hunting to good quality optics and that too all under $100. Read the article multiple times for better clarity. Happy hunting!