Best Rifle Scope Under 1000 Reviews

Best Rifle Scope Under $1000

This huge price range will give you everything that you want. Do not settle for less since you are already paying a lot of money for the best rifle scope under $1000. This price will give all the features from great optics to a great outer body appearance.

All the shooting ranges are available in this price range. For example for long range shooting, the optics and the control system of this rifle scope should be very precise and durable. This rifle scope should have features like turrets should be resettable to zero; the lenses should be fully multicoated and should be constructed from a high quality single piece material.

For medium range, the rifle scope should be a combination of both accuracy and strength.  Medium range optics is great for hunting within thick brushes and greenery.

Hence the optic should have great strength and durability because you do not know when you will bump into a tree or a brush or what can damage your new rifle scope and what cannot.

For short range shooting and hunting, the optic should be light in weight and compact. It should be easy to use and accurate. Durability is a must. For good durability your rifle scope must be made from a single piece of high grade, aircraft grade aluminum.

The rifle scope should be an all-rounder and completely weather-resistant, which is it should be waterproof, fog proof, and shockproof.

Best Rifle Scope Under $1000 In 2020

Stated below are some of the top notch rifle scopes available under $1000. These scopes can fulfill all your needs and expectations. Whatever might be your use, there is a scope made for you.


Nothing can beat Vortex in the field of optics, so here is Vortex with its optic under $1000. This scope is amazing for long range shooting since it has a lot of features for it. It has maximum magnification of 25x, the reticle is illuminated so that you can easily see and aim in the dark and the objective lens is big in size for maximum light transmission.

The lens is extra low dispersion in nature, which gives you sharp and crisp images. The optics are fully multi coated with anti reflective coatings, to stop the sun’s glare. Multiple outer coatings of the lens are scratch resistant and it protects your lens from oil, dirt, etc.

The outer body is coated with a hard anodized finish which not only makes it very durable but also helps the shooter to camouflage its position and hunt better. Tube is designed from aircraft grade material and is 30mm in diameter. The knobs are provided on the side for easy adjustments of controls and turrets. First focal plane reticle helps you to easily change the magnification without disturbing your aim.


  • Fully weather resistant (water proof, shock proof and fog proof)
  • Long lasting and very durable
  • Equipped with precision force spring system and precision glide erector system
  • For long range shooting and low light hunting


  • Heavy 
  • Not suitable for short range hunting and shooting


This is a must have scope from Vortex. It can be used for everything, like hunting, shooting and even aiming. The HS in the name of this scope stands for hunting and shooting, hence it is amazing for both.

This scope is best for varmint hunting, big game hunting and target shooting. Along with the Dead Hold BDC reticle, there is also the second focal plane reticle.

This scope is an all rounder scope because a lot of accessories are included in it like, a cloth to clean the lens, a sun shade of 4 inch and protective caps for the lens.

The 30mm tube of this scope is filled with argon which not only makes it fog proof but also is less affected by rapid temperature changes.

Viper HS has finger clickable, adjustable and totally capped windage and elevation turrets which are easily resettable to zero. This scope has Vortex’s Precision Glide Erector System which helps to adjust the magnification very quickly and easily.


  • Turrets are resettable to zero
  • Good for long range shooting
  • Fiber optic radius bar
  • Works well in low light conditions
  • Fast focus eye piece
  • Parallax side focus


  • Reticle is not illuminated
  • Rings are not included
  • Heavy


There are two models available in this rifle scope one is with a magnification range of 3-14x and a field of view of about 480 ft, the second one has a magnification range of about 5-20x and a field of view of about 240 ft. the similarity in both the scopes is that they have the same HD lens and the diameter of the objective lens is the same that is 50mm. This scope has sensor technology, which means that it amplifies the colors and helps you to see and aim better. Along with sensor technology this rifle scope also has digital night vision technology, hence it works amazing in low light conditions. Talking about construction, this scope is made up from a thermoplastic which means that it is highly durable and tough but also light weight. It is an easy to operate scope; hence if you are a novice or a beginner you will have no trouble in operating this scope. Dual steaming is another great feature of this scope, this rifle scope not only allows you to record but also stream content on your smart phone simultaneously.


  • Light weight and durable
  • 2-year warranty
  • Affordable 


  • Average night time performance
  • Hard to get used to the interface


This rifle scope made by Nikon has some striking features. In this scope two models are available. Features of the first one are; the magnification range is about 4-16x, it also has the first focal plane reticle, the diameter of the objective lens is 50mm. features of the second one are; the magnification is 6-24x with an objective lens of 50mm in diameter.

It can match all your long range shooting expectations. This scope is very accurate and precise up till 1000 yards. It has a side focus parallax adjustment with knobs to adjust it.

This scope has 10 illumination levels and the illumination dials are placed outside the parallax dials. The turrets in this rifle scope are very well marked in both elevation and windage. Also it is equipped with the zero stop feature, hence the turrets are easily resettable to zero.


  • Amazing for long range shooting
  • Excellent turret settings
  • This scope works very well in low light and dim light conditions.


  • Not for short range shooting
  • Heavy 


This scope is recommended for long range shooting. The windage and elevation knobs are very well designed and hence they match the measurement system of the reticle. The tubes of this rifle scope are filled with nitrogen which makes it fully fog proof, this scope is also waterproof.

For the outer appearance the body is made from aluminum and has matte finish. The first focal plane changes according to you and your target which helps you to aim and shoot better.

This scope is designed for long range rifle shooters both competitive and tactical. Ergonomic side focus design which is equipped with easy to reach parallax adjustment from 50 yards until infinity. Tube with a diameter of 34mm is filled with nitrogen which gives improved accuracy at long distances and an anti fogging performance.

Optical glass is of top notch quality for maximum brightness and clarity. The reticle is illuminated with 11 brightness settings for every situation from dusk to dawn, it also has a battery saver mode.


  • Fully weather resistant
  • Zero click stop adjustment
  • Reticles are illuminated
  • Equipped with triple internal spring tension system
  • Long lasting and durable


  • Expensive
  • Turrets are stiff


  • Glass quality: Since you are paying almost $1000, settle for a high quality glass, which either means ED or HD, nothing below that. Remember the lenses should be multi coated with anti reflective glasses for maximum light transmission.
  • Eye relief: your new rifle scope should have an eye relief of at least 3 inches. Anything less than 3 inches can severely damage your eyes; hence remember to check for eye relief. The distance between your eyes and the lens of your rifle scope is known as the eye relief. During recoil time, less eye relief can strain your eyes or give you a black eye.
  • Parallax: your scope should have minimum parallax error for higher accuracy. Parallax error is basically the error when you shoot or aim at a very long distance. At a very long distance, the image of the target sometimes becomes blurry; hence for maximum accuracy parallax error should be very less.
  • Warranty: since such an expensive scope is one time investment you should get a good warranty on it. The warranty should include everything from glass to the outer appearance. Please remember to read the terms of the warranty on your rifle scope very carefully before purchasing it.


  • First or second focal plane: there are two types of reticles mainly first focal plane and second focal plane. The first focal plane is for variable magnification and long range shooting. First focal plane helps you to change the magnification without facing any difficulty. That is the reticle change in size as you change the magnification which means that when you increase or decrease the magnification the reticle will also increase or decrease. Hence in the first focal plane you can change the reticle according to your target. Second focal plane is mainly recommended for fixed magnification.
  • Durability: the scope should be made from high grade aircraft aluminum. Since you are going to use your scope in a lot of tough conditions it should be durable. Bumping into a random bush or tree is not a new thing to a shooter, this can cause some serious damages to your scope. The lenses should be made from very strong glasses which don’t break easily.
  • Weather resistant: the rifle scope should water proof, shock proof and fog proof. Water proof because the place you might be hunting or shooting at, it might rain there sometime. Sometimes the moisture gets in the tube and makes the vision all blurry hence the tube should be moisture proof. Tube should be filled with a combination of gases like argon or krypton or it should be filled nitrogen to make it fog proof. The scope should not break or get damaged easily when you drop it by accident hence it should be shockproof.


Choosing the best rifle scope can be a headache, follow these each points and you will face no difficulty.

  • Magnification: the scopes mentioned in this article have a magnification from 3x to 30x, but as yourself do you actually need 30x? to clarify what ‘x’ actually means consider this example, if you set your rifle scope to 5x it means that you will see your target 5 times bigger than it actually is. Yes, more the magnification the better and the brighter the image of the target will be but a huge magnification comes with its own set of problems.
  • Environment: choose the scope according to your environment. If you are going to hunt in an environment that has moisture then your scope must be moisture proof for accuracy. If you are going to hunt or shoot in an environment which is tough and rugged your scope must be shock proof and very durable.
  • Reticle types: there are a lot of types of reticles, let’s first talk about focal planes. There are two types of focal plane that are available, first focal plane and second focal plane.

    First focal plane basically adjusts according to you and your target, which means that if you increase your magnification your reticle will also increase and if you will decrease your magnification the reticle will also decrease.

    The first focal plane reticle helps you better when the magnification of your rifle scope is variable. The second focal plane is usually recommended for a fixed magnification.

    Second focal plane is best suited for short range hunting or shooting and the first focal is best suited for long range hunting or shooting.

    The other types of reticles are illuminated, Dead Hold etc. illuminated is basically for low light hunting and shooting adventures. Illuminated reticle helps you see and aim better in low light conditions.


This article has some of the best scopes under $1000, it even tells you what you should expect from a scope under $1000. Remember to have a clear picture of your needs and expectations from your new scope.

To summarize, if you are somebody who is going to use your scope in extreme weather like extreme heat or cold, durability is a must for you, other than that solid construction and waterproof outer body too.

Since $1000 is a good amount for a scope, don’t forget to look for warranty. Read the terms and conditions of your scope’s warranty very carefully before purchasing it.

Turrets should have some additional features too like zero stop feature and finger click adjustments for easier management during hunting or shooting time.

Scopes mentioned in this article are all good for all types of shooters from beginners to experienced ones. If you are a beginner, you will achieve accuracy and excellent results with these scopes in no time.

Settle for a light and compact rifle scope which is durable as well. If you are a novice then go for a rifle scope which is simple and has fewer controls. Though experienced hunters can opt for a scope that has a lot of controls and adjustments. I hope you find the scope you are looking for, read the article a few more times if you are not able to decide.

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